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Standard Notation for the Tab Addicted Mandolinist
Saturday, June 9 & June 16, 2007
Debora Chen, instructor
11:00 A.M.to 2:00 P.M. | Registration fee (two sessions): $90.00

Debora Chen (multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator) has taught at The Mandolin Symposium, and has done extensive music transcription and editing for acclaimed mandolinist, Mike Marshall. She received rave reviews for teaching a similar workshop at the 2006 Mandolin Symposium. One student commented, "I cannot possibly tell you how much it means to me to be able to read standard music and have it come out of my instrument in real time. Her simple, clear exercises were extremely helpful in getting over this life-long hurdle."

This two-part workshop is designed to break the aspiring mandolinist's addiction to TAB and is suitable for all levels of experience. Handouts with directed exercises and examples will be supplied at the first session and practice between sessions one and two is encouraged.

Topics covered will include tips for:

  • left and right hand dexterity and precision
  • how to get the most out of practice time for new skill acquisition
  • how to visually associate common fingering patterns with the staff
  • how to read syncopated rhythms (choro)
  • and especially useful for the experienced improvising mandolinist, how to utilize knowledge of common chord progressions such as ii, V, I & I, IV, V7, I to accelerate note recognition.

  • At the end of the second session, participants will be able to read an adaptation of an excerpt from the Bach Partita III for unaccompanied violin and be well on their way to reading anything they want.

    What to bring: mandolin, writing implements for taking notes, and a music stand if you have one.

    The fee is $90 for both 3 hour sessions and includes handouts.

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